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The USC Concert Italy Tour Concert Card

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Incantato presents the University of South Carolina Concert Choir at San Lorenzo Church (Florence) on Sunday, March 6 at 6 PM

The University of South Carolina Concert Choir will sing mass at the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence at 6:00PM on Sunday, March 6, 2011.
The Basilica di San Lorenzo stands as one of Florence, Italy’s largest churches, situated in the center of the city’s main market district. It is one of several churches claiming to be Florence’s oldest, having been consecrated in the year 393. The Basilica di San Lorenzo served as the city’s cathedral for 300 years until the Bishop’s official seat was moved to Santa Reparata.
In 1419 parishioner Giovanni di Bicci de Medici offered to finance a new church to replace the Romanesque building. Filippo Brunelleschi, the leading Renaissance architect of the first half of the fifteenth century, was commissioned to design the new structure, although the new building did not reach completion until after the architect’s death. The church is part of a larger monastic complex that boasts numerous additional important architectural works including the Laurentian Library by Michelangelo and the New Sacristy based on Michelangelo’s original designs. The sanctuary’s left aisle displays a large fresco by Bronzino depicting the Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, and the marble choir loft was designed by Donatello, as were the two bronze pulpits.

University of South Carolina Concert Choir sings at Sant'Agnese in Agone on Piazza Navona today at 6 PM

Friends of fine choral music in Rome are sure in for a treat: The magnificent church of Sant'Agnese in Agone on the gorgeous Piazza Navona is the third and final concert venue for the University of South Carolina Concert Choir on their 2011 Incantato Italy Performance Tour 2011. The choir from Columbia, South Carolina under the direction of Dr. Larry Wyatt is presenting sacred works for choir, Saxophone, French Horn and Viola in a feature concert at 6:00PM on Thursday, March 10, 2011.

The Basilica Sant’Agnese in Agone in Rome was constructed in 1652 on the site of Saint Agnes’ martyrdom, now the location of the Piazza Navona. The designs for the Baroque church were commissioned by Pope Innocent X, whose funerary monument now lies within the church. The Pope’s family even had a large palace adjacent to the church. Baroque architect Francesco Borromini ultimately introduced a concave volume in the center of the sanctuary, creating prime acoustics for vocal music. Visitors enjoy the interior’s premier sculptural artwork, accented by the marble relief found in the main altar, as well as Bernini’s famous Fountain of the Four Rivers that lies in front of the church.

University of South Carolina Concert Choir performs at Santa Maria Maggiore (Florence) on Sunday, March 6 at 8:15 PM

The University of South Carolina Concert Choir from Columbia, South Carolina, will perform a feature concert at Santa Maria Maggiore in Florence at 8:15PM on Sunday, March 6, 2011. Florence’s Santa Maria Maggiore was originally built as early as the eighth century, with documentation tracing back to the year 931. Popular legend suggests that it may have been constructed in A.D. 580 under the commission of Pope Pelagius, although this theory is not widely supported. The church obtained status of collegiate church and Priory of Florence in 1176 before subsequently expanding its property in 1186. The structure, with the exception of the original external walls and the vaults, was completely renovated in the 13th century to reflect the Gothic style architecture popular of that period. Italian architect and painter Giorgio Vasari is quoted as crediting “Master Buono” as the designer of the new façade and also recorded that following the renovation the high altar then boasted Agnolo Gaddi’s Coronation of the Virgin as well as frescoes by Spinello Aretino. Only fragments of these works survive today.
The exterior of the current structure appears rather simple and undecorated, with stone walls and portals adorned by tympana. The bell tower, which survives from the original Romanesque building, displays an embedded stone head popularly known as Berta. Although the interior appears quite simple, with just a nave and two aisles, the walls flaunt various intricate works of art. Artworks include frescoes by Bernardino Poccetti, a nativity scene constructed by Matteo Rosselli, and a wooden polychrome bas-relief attributed to Coppo di Marcovaldo.

University of South Carolina Concert Choir presents a highlight concert at Il Teatro Flavio Vespasiano (Rieti) on Wednesday, March 9 at 9 PM

Incantato Tours proudly presents the University of South Carolina Concert Choir in a magical venue, Il Teatro Flavio Vespasiano, in Rieti on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:00PM under the direction of Dr. Larry Wyatt.
Il Teatro Flavio Vespasiano is the main theater of Rieti, a town in the commune of Lazio in central Italy. The current structure dates back to December of 1883 but was not officially inaugurated until September 20, 1893, featuring productions of Goethe’s Faust and Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. The theater, named for the Roman Emperor Vespasian, required ten years of construction under the direction of Milanese architect Achille Sfondrini.
The theater underwent complete restoration from 2005 through 2009. A grand re-opening celebration commenced on January 10, 2009 featuring conductor Marcello Rota, and soloists Karina Grigoryan, Jessica Pratt, Anna Gorayacheva, and Roman Burdenko. The Secretary to the Prime Minister as well as Senator Franco Marini were in attendance. The restoration efforts totaled more than 3.3 million Euro.The reopening of the theater also fostered the formation of the Flavius Vespasian Foundation, aiming to promote international artistry and music. The Rieti Theatre also annually hosts the Rieti Dance Festival, the International Competition for the New Opera Voices of Mattia Battistini, and the National Competition for Young Actors.
The theatre is well known for its excellent acoustics, a characteristic that earned the structure the very first National Award for the Acoustics. In referring to the acoustics, Professor Bruno Cagli, president of the National Academy of Saint Cecilia, once called the theatre “the world’s best in that respect.”

University of South Carolina - Il Teatro Flavio Vespasiano Performance Program

The University of South Carolina Concert Choir will present a very special highlight performance at Il Teatro Flavio Vespasiano in Rieti on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:00PM. The concert will also feature soloists Dr. William Bates, Dr. Constance Gee, Dr. Clifford Leaman, Mr. Robert Pruzin, and Mr. Jacob Will.  

The performance will feature the following program: 

Non nobis, Domine - Rosephanye Powell 

Crucifixus - Antonio Lotti

Ave Maria - Tomas Luis de Victoria

Exsultate justi in Domino - Ludivico da Viadana

Fantasia No. 1 in C Major - Georg Philipp Telemann, arr. Alan Arnold 
  • Largo
  • Allegro
  • Grave               
Constance Gee, viola

Son of God Mass - James Whitbourn
Clifford Leaman, sassofono soprano

Agnus Dei - Samuel Barber

Alleluia (from Songs of Faith) - Paul Basler

Intrada from Partita on “When in our Music God is Glorified” - William H. Bates
William Bates, organo

In You the Earth - Mike D’Ambrosio               

Ah, Holy Jesus - John Ferguson
 Constance Gee, viola 

Peter Wept - Alex Davis 

Set Me as a Seal - Richard Nance
 Robert Pruzin, corno 

Shall We Gather at the River - arr. Aaron Copland
Jacob Will, basso 

General William Booth Enters Into Heaven - Charles Ives

I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray - arr. Hall Johnson 

My Lord, What a Mornin’ - arr. Harry Burleigh

My God Is So High - arr. Moses Hogan

Ain’t Got Time to Die - arr. Hall Johnson 

Incantato concert venue: Art Monastery, Labro

The University of South Carolina Concert Choir tour will spend Wednesday, March 9 touring the Art Monastery in Labro, learning about artistic creativity through monastic living.

The Art Monastery Project, founded in 2007, is a community of artists dedicated to fostering creativity through commitment to a disciplined, contemplative, and sustainable monastic lifestyle.
Established by American, San Francisco-based artists Betsy McCall and Christopher Fülling, the project works to transform an historic Italian monastery into an international arts production center. The project investigates what the Art Monks refer to as “social sculpture,” developing a diverse variety of visual and performance art in a manner which focuses just as much on the creative process as the final product.
In striving to meld historical tradition with contemporary culture, the Art Monastery presents on-site exhibitions and performances as well as collaborations with the surrounding communities. However, work created within the monastery premieres locally before ever touring internationally.
Previously located in the small Italian town of Calvi dell’Umbria, the Art Monastery relocated to the hilltop town of Labro, approximately seventy minutes north east of Rome. The San Antonio monastery, a former 17th century Franciscan abbey, now serves as the official home of the Art Monastery Project. The site holds a state-of-the-art 150 seat theater for performances and exhibits. Hotel Colle di Costa and Ristorante Ulisse are also located within the structure.
A radical contemporary experiment in “social sculpture,” the Art Monastery is “ready to indulge visitors without hesitation…”
In addition to Labro, the Art Monastery hosts chapters in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Reno, Bloomington, Chicago, Buffalo, and New York City.

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