Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Traveler's update from the University of South Carolina Incantato Italy Tour 2011: "Wonderfull foods", comments Peppie Calvar

Matthew Teague sums up the activities of the University of South Carolina Concert Choir on March 8 during their 2011 Incantato Italy Performance Tour: "Our day at Orvieto was a very lovely day spent viewing some of the more popular destinations including the beautiful Duomo and the sorrounding city. The food from Orvieto was out of this world! I had a bowl of piping hot pasta with ragu. It was quite possibly some of the best pasta I've had to date. The sky was clear, the air was crisp, and the sights were just spectacular. After leaving Orvieto, we took a nice one hour ride through the hillside to a local cheese and olive oil farm where we sampled local pates, the famous unsalted bread, and some wonderful goat cheeses in different stages of ageing. After a wonderful time tasting cheeses, oils, and spreads, we departed for our hotel for a fantastic dinner and a good night's rest."

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