Monday, March 7, 2011

Update from abroad: Italy impressions from Dr. Larry Wyatt

Incantato Tours checked in with Dr. Larry Wyatt this morning as he traveled with the University of South Carolina Concert Choir by train through Italy’s Cinque Terre region on their 2011 Incantato Italy Tour.
“We’re having a great day here in Cinque Terre,” says Dr. Wyatt. “We have a wonderful tour manager; Stefania is just great!”
Dr. Wyatt raved about how much he and the choir members enjoyed their experience performing in Florence on Sunday evening.
“The concert was well attended and well received.”
When asked about his favorite part of the tour thus far, Dr. Wyatt referred to the question as a “tough call,” but says that, besides their fantastic concert performance in Florence, he has most enjoyed seeing the city of Florence as well as the Cathedral in Pisa, where he took particular interest in the extensive art collection.
Dr. Wyatt continued by saying that he most looks forward to the choir’s two upcoming concerts. Because of his extensive historical knowledge of the area, he is especially excited about their concert at Sant’Agnese in Agone in Rome on Thursday, March 10.
Dr. Wyatt assures that everyone is having a great time in Italy, with his only concern back home being who won the Duke versus UNC basketball game.

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